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Pulse Technology

Have you ever looked at your battery and wondered what the white powder is on the terminals? It’s the physical signs of lead sulfate crystals which interfere with your battery’s ability to accept, hold and deliver a charge. As a battery ages through use or sits unused for periods of time, lead sulfate crystals enlarge and can build-up excessively to the point where they create a physical barrier across the surface of the plate. Before long, this build-up can become so dense that a battery is no longer able to accept or release energy.

Battery sulfation is a wasting disease that claims the life of 80 percent of the batteries in use worldwide.

PulseTech’s Pulse Technology Removes Sulfation

We have the solution to the premature battery death syndrome with Pulse Technology, an exclusive, patented system which will literally clean batteries of sulfation build up and restore them to normal operation.
PulseTech's Pulse Technology
What makes Pulse Technology so unique and effective is a distinct pulse waveform. This waveform has a strictly-controlled rise time, pulse-width, frequency and amplitude of current and voltage pulse. Pulse Technology removes and prevents the buildup of damaging lead-sulfate deposits on battery plates in a non-harmful way, so a battery can accept, store and release maximum power all the time.
Visual Proof that PulseTech’s Pulse Technology Works

The pictures to the right are from an independent study comparing our Pulse Technology to conventional battery charging. The photos show actual battery plates after various charge and discharge cycles, which reveal the benefits of pulsing and charging versus charging alone.The top row shows plates from actual batteries charged using PulseTech’s Pulse Technology. The second row shows plates from batteries charged with a competitor’s conventional charger.

Even after hundreds of cycles, the batteries charged using Pulse Technology have no sulfate accumulation, ensuring that the batteries will still perform at their maximum peak capacity.

Don’t Accept Imitations

Since our patented Pulse Technology is so successful you will often see competitive products claiming they have pulsing technology. However, the results of sulfate cleaning and prevention are NOT the same. Below is an explanation of our Pulse Technology compared to the pulsing technology traditionally used in other competitive chargers and maintainers.
12-Volt Lead-Acid Batteries Charged with PulseTech Charger
Visual Proof that PulseTech’s Pulse Technology Works
12-Volt Lead-Acid Batteries Charged with Typical Charger
PulseTech’s Patented Pulse Waveform
With the proper training and use, our test, charge and maintenance products have consitentlly achieved a 70-80% reduction in battery consumption. PulseTech's patented waveform is simply the most effective method to remove dmaging battery sulfation and enhance battery performance available today!
PulseTech’s Patented Pulse Waveform

Our patented, high-frequency pulse waveform is precisely controlled by microprocessors and is of specific amplitude and frequency. It rapidly rises in less than one microsecond to its maximum amplitude and gradually return to zero. There is no abrubt stop and battery drain. Make no mistake-our patented conditioning process is NOT pulse charging or a burst of high voltage provided within the regimen! Instead, the low-voltage, high-frequency conditioning pulse is introduced into the battery via a separate circut independent of the charging circut. This precisely-controlled waveform has proven to be the best at removing sulfation from the battery plates and returning lead sulfate back to the electrolyte solution.
Compare Typical Competitors' "Pulse" Waves

Other chargers using pulsing technology traditionally use one of 3 pulses: Sine, Square and Negative Pulse waves. There are significant problems assosiated with each type of wave:
Sine Pulse Wave
Square Pulse Wave
Negative Pulse Wave
Sine Pulse Wave Square Pulse Wave Negative Pulse Wave
This wave fluctuates gradually between positive and negative. This pulse is too "soft" to affect the crystal growth. In addition, the upper voltage limit must be carefully controlled to prevent overcharging and gassing the battery.
The square pulse has a relatively long dwell time at maximum voltage and is limited in effect because the voltage at the top of the wave must be limited for the safety during charging.
This wave has similar limitations to the square wave pulse plus the added concern that the charge is restricted during the down cycle of the pulse, which has a negative impact on charging.
Extend the Life of Your Battery Up to 5 Times

Through years of product development and independent scientific evaluation, it has been proven, that if used routinely, Pulse Technology can extend battery life cycles in some cases up to 5 times.

Pulse Technology uniquely positions PulseTech’s line-up of battery charging and maintenance products. No other known battery charging/maintenance system offers these specific restorative maintenance characteristics which is why for over a decade the U.S. military has been using our patented pulse products on their vehicles and equipment all over the world!