Reduce Annual Battery Consumption by 70% or More

Battery Management Program (BMP)

PulseTech's Battery Management Program has experienced over 25 years of success with both military and commercial fleets saving millions of dollars in battery related expenses. Our BMP helps companies achieve immediate cost savings and supports corporate wide sustainability goals. Batteries perform better and have an increased ability to accept, store and release energy. This allows them to maintain their state of charge much longer and accept recharge more readily, dramatically extending battery life as much as THREE times while reducing the need for maintenance resources and new materials. Typically 70% of 'dead' batteries are recovered reducing the number of new batteries needing to be purchased.

Reasons to Implement a Battery Management Program:

  • Extends battery life up to 3 times
  • Recovers 70% of spent batteries
  • Eliminates jumpstarts
  • Extends alternator and starter life
  • Supports sustainability goals
  • Reduces the number of maintenance man hours
  • Reduces the number of batteries purchased
  • Reduces vehicle downtime
  • Reduces hazardous waste generation
Battery Maintenance Program: Recover, Maintain, Test

How Much Will Our BMP Save You?

Estimate how many batteries you dispose of per month. Multiple this number by 0.7 and then by the average cost of one of your batteries. The answer shows you how much money you will save per month by implementing our BMP. Multiply this number by 12 and you now have your annual savings.

For example, if you dispose of 10 batteries per month:
10 spent batteries x 0.7 = 7 batteries recovered each month
7 batteries at a cost of $150 per battery = $1,050 batteries saved in new battery purchases per month
Annual savings = $1,050 * 12 = $12,600 per year.

Our BMP is an Easy Three Step Process

Step 1: TEST and RECOVER. Test with a 777P-PT or 390PT Tester. Understand the state of your batteries with a detailed snapshot of their condition before you recover them. Then recover with an SC-12, SC-6, SC-2 or XCR Recovery Charger. 70% of dead batteries can be returned to better than new condition. Recovering only 20 batteries pays for a complete package of BMP equipment.

Step 2: TEST and MAINTAIN. Test with a 777P-PT or 390PT Tester. Ensure batteries are ready to go back into stock. Then maintain in shop with a PRO-12-RP Maintenance System. Maintain new and restored batteries in peak condition until they are needed.

Step 3: TEST and INSTALL. Test with a 777P-PT or 390PT Tester. Ensure batteries are in peak condition before installing. Install on vehicles with an SP-5 Solar Panel and/or Power-Pulse Maintenance System. Prevent problems and extend battery life up to three times by installing desulfators on vehicles during routine maintenance.