Battery Recovery

Battery Recovery

Don't throw away old batteries - RECOVER them.

Millions of 12-Volt lead-acid batteries are disposed of each year as they fail to hold a charge and are assumed useless. However, as many as 70% of these batteries can be recovered resulting in fewer new batteries purchased, a decrease in maintenance hours and a reduction in hazardous waste disposal handling and fees. Recovering batteries not only makes sense financially, but also contributes to a company's sustainability effort.

One major trucking company had a stockpile of 616 12-Volt batteries they thought were unusable until they discovered our products. Within 6 months 58% of the batteries were recovered and kept in service at a cost savings of over $40,000.

The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center 29 Palms (MCAGCC 29 Palms) have been recovering lead-acid batteries with PulseTech's products since 2008 and has experienced a reduction in the number of new batteries they now need to purchase. In addition, since the lead-acid batteries are reused instead of recycled this installation has reduced hazardous waste generation by 60% and eliminated the associated disposal fees.

The MCAGCC 29 Palms program has reconditioned approximately 10,700 batteries since its inception, saving the installation approximately $2.39 million over the past three fiscal years.

Read the complete article in Pollution Prevention Magazine.

Recovering batteries makes sense from both a fiscal and environmental point of view.

CCA and Hours on XCR Recovery Charger chart

Dead Battery Returned to Better than New Condition

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the XCR recovery charger to one of our distributors, we took it to their branch where they picked a dead Decka 730 CCA battery from their return pile.

Within 48 hours the battery was returned to better than new condition. CCA went from 14 CCA to 873 CCA – higher than the expected 730 CCA of a brand new battery. The battery voltage went from 10.55V to 12.98V.

Achieve immediate cost savings and a reduction in hazardous waste generation by recovering dead batteries with PulseTech's Battery Maintenance Management Program.

Battery Management Program
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