PowerPulse, our most popular product, helps your batteries charge faster, last longer and provide maximum power.
  • Maximizes performance of all lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cell)
  • Patented Pulse Technology removes sulfates from the battery plates
  • Maintains capacity for 12-, 24-, 36-or 48-Volt battery banks
  • Works with single batteries, batteries in parallel and batteries in series
  • Provides greater charge acceptance so batteries recharge faster
  • Easy installation
Model Part # Single Battery Batteries in Parallel Batteries in Series
PP-12-L 735X012 12-Volt 1 per 12V battery bank Two 6V
PP-24-L 735X024 24-Volt 1 per 24V battery bank Two 12V or four 6V
PP-36-L 735X036 36-Volt 1 per 36V battery bank Three 12V or six 6V
PP-48-L 735X048 48-Volt 1 per 48V battery bank Four 12V or eight 6V


"We put a 36-Volt PowerPulse on a forklift with an eight year-old battery. Before installing the PowerPulse the battery would only last about half a day before we had to recharge it. Now it lasts three days before we have to charge it. It's always running in the green." Gary Hutchinson, Darr Equipment, Wichitas Falls, TX

"Everyone at Bellagio and Monte Carlo resorts (Las Vegas) are very excited about what PowerPulse is doing for them. Increased battery efficiency and a major reduction in charge time for all their vehicles and equipment are extremely important to them. Their maintenance crews are ready to go at a moment's notice. That means their equipment has to be, too. By using PulseTech products they always are." JoAnn Winner, Batteries Plus, Las Vegas, NV

"Your battery recovery system looked interesting, so I checked with our service guys to see how many batteries we were having to replace in our trade-in coaches and might benefit from this device. We load test all batteries before selling the trades. The answer I got is that we are replacing virtually zero batteries, thanks to the PowerPulse systems. Some of our trades are eight or ten years old. A great testament to the PowerPulse." Karl Blade, Miami, OK

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