PulseTech Products Corporation's Battery Recovery, Charging, Maintenance and Testing Products Now Available at Rush Truck Centers

Southlake, TX – SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Rush Truck Centers continue their commitment to providing premium products and services for the commercial vehicle market and having the largest inventory in North America now stock a large variety of PulseTech Products.

PulseTech provides environmentally friendly, easy to use battery recovery, charging, testing and maintenance systems that help ensure peak battery performance while reducing battery-related costs on virtually every type of vehicle and equipment that uses a lead-acid battery.

Rush Truck Centers' customers no longer have to worry about their batteries. In addition to charging the battery, PulseTech's patented Pulse Technology removes sulfates from the battery plates and prevents new ones from forming. No other chargers on the market have this technology. PulseTech's chargers have one circuit for charging PLUS a second separate circuit for Pulse Technology providing a powerful one-two punch to the battery. It's important to know that charging batteries is NOT enough. Sulfate crystals must also be removed from the battery plates or they'll eventually choke and kill the battery.

In addition to increasing the battery's ability to accept, store and release maximum power, PulseTech's lead-acid battery chargers help fleets with a green program meet sustainability goals while extending battery life by three times.

In business for over 50 years, Rush Truck Centers, www.rushtruckcenters.com, is the nation's largest provider of premium products and services for the commercial vehicle market.


About PulseTech Products Corporation

Since 1994 PulseTech Products Corporation, www.pulsetech.net, has been at the forefront of researching, developing and delivering next-generation 12-Volt and 24-Volt battery recovery, testing, maintenance and charging systems. With a line-up of environmentally responsible products, their patented maintenance solutions and related battery management programs have produced impressive results in extending battery life up to 3 times and lowering battery consumption rates as much as 70%.