PulseTech PT20 20 Amp Solar Pulse Charge Controller

The PulseTech® PT20 Solar Charge Controller features the advanced pulse width modulated (PWM) technology, temperature compensation and advanced pre-programmed multi-staged charging algorithms. With 12V and 24V auto-switching, the unit automatically controls the solar charging power and protects AGM, Gel, Wet and Lithium batteries. The battery charge controller is used with solar panels up to 400W (12V) and 800W (24V). It provides battery protection from overvoltage, reverse polarity, and reverse current from battery to solar panel. Overcurrent protection is set at 22-Amps. The patented pulsing technology increases the life of lead-acid batteries by removing and hindering the natural sulfation. The temperature sensor is used only with lead-acid/AGM batteries. The adapter allows bare wire connection to solar input.

The rugged "all-weather" PT20 comes with a temperature sensor (2.9m), fused battery harness (3m) and solar input adapter.
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