Quadlink 4-Station Battery Charger Multiplier

QuadLink - Charge Up to 4 Batteries With a Single Charger!

Finally some math I like: 1 battery charger + 1 QuadLink = the ability to charge 4 batteries at once! Simply use your existing 6-volt or 12-volt battery charger, regardless of the brand, connect it to QuadLink and you'll be able to charge up to four batteries. Does your Harley battery need maintaining while you wait for another sunny day or does the boat battery need it more? You no longer have to decide or use multiple chargers! With the QuadLink you can maintain them both AND your lawn mower battery AND your ATV battery all at the same time. QuadLink allows you to live life to the fullest your way and have your power hungry vehicles and equipment ready to go when you are. Never again worry about dead batteries when you're ready to go.

Quadlink Battery Multiplier  connects between battery charger and batteries

QuadLink Works with ANY Battery Charger
The QuadLink works with any 6-volt or 12-volt battery maintenance charger up to 8 amps using the standard 2-prong output connector. The capabilities of your current charger are simply being passed through to the batteries via the QuadLink so the battery charger is always in full control of the charging process. In other words, the QuadLink is almost transparent to the battery. The QuadLink does NOT change the charging capabilities of the battery charger it is connected to, but simply increases the number of batteries that can be charged.

Quadlink 2-pin output connector, 8amp max input
*The QuadLink is compatible with all chargers utilizing this standard 2-pin power output connect and 8A max. input.

Since the QuadLink does not enhance the battery maintenance charger it's connected to we recommend using PulseTech's Xtreme Charge Charger (Model #100X010) which uses a unique application of patented PULSE conditioning. Our patented PULSE technology increases battery performance by minimizing the size of damaging lead sulfate crystals – the main cause of battery failure – and increases the duty and life cycle of your battery up to FIVE times. However, the final decision is yours and if you already have another branded battery maintenance charger feel free to use it.

Easy to use
Quadlink Battery Charger Multiplier Lights Once connected via extension leads, (included with your QuadLink purchase), to up to 4 of your batteries, you can begin the battery maintenance process by connecting the QuadLink to your battery maintenance charger and your charger to an AC power source. From this point forward, the station or battery that is currently being charged is indicated by a blinking LED light on the QuadLink. Every 10 minutes, the QuadLink will switch to the next battery in line. If there is no battery connected to any given channel, the channel will be skipped after a short qualification process. Cycle rotation will continue indefinitely, maintaining the charge of all 4 batteries for you automatically. If you only want to charge 3 batteries the QuadLink will recognize this and skip the open channel after a circuit verification test.

You can use QuadLink to charge multiple batteries for your cars, light trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, small boats, watercraft, lawn equipment, ATVs and even golf carts. QuadLink can also maintain the state of the charge of multiple 6-Volt and 12-Volt batteries in 24-, 36- and 48-Volt series connected configurations.

Note: To charge 6V batteries, a 6V charger must be connected to the QuadLink, likewise with 12V scenarios. Solar chargers, either 6V or 12V can also be used, as long as they do not exceed an 8 Amp output.

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