24VPSC PulseTech 24V Battery Solar Pulse Charger/ Desulfator, 6W

24VPSC PulseTech 24V Battery Solar Pulse Charger/ Desulfator, 6W

24VPSC-25W PulseTech Battery Solar Pulse Charger Desulfator, 25W

24VPSC-25W PulseTech Battery Solar Pulse Charger Desulfator, 25W

SPCMS PulseTech 24V Battery Solar Pulse Charge Monitor Unit, 6W

The PulseTech® SPCMS 24V Battery Solar Pulse Charge Monitor System is the ideal solution for maintaining 24-volt lead-acid batteries on generators or vehicles that are in long-term outdoor storage. This solar battery maintainer supplies a pulsed current that keeps batteries ready for use. A 6.3-Watt solar panel with external plug is ruggedly designed to last. Colored LEDs on the solar charger will indicate when the battery is being pulsed, charged & when there is insufficient solar output to operate.

The SPCMS has a cable lead that comes with a special external heavy duty plug designed to fit in a 24-Volt receptacle used on some vehicle systems.

NSN: 6130-01-558-5371.


Charge and maintain vehicles with a 24-Volt battery or 24-Volt battery system left in long-term outdoor storage with the Solar Pulse Charge Monitor System. This sturdy 6.3-Watt solar panel provides power to charge the battery system. All of PulseTech's solar panels have higher efficiency, higher quality crystalline silicon cells that pack more power per square inch and have a longer life than standard amorphous ''thin film'' solar cells. That means you can get the power you need in a sturdier, smaller-sized solar panel.

When the green LED is flashing, the battery is being charged and when the green LED is steady - the battery is fully charged. During and after the charge cycle, the solar panel also supplies energy to the Pulse Technology circuit to reverse the buildup of energy robbing sulfate deposits on the battery plates - the main cause of battery failure. The flashing red LED indicates that the battery is being pulsed. If no batteries are connected, the battery connection is faulty, or the battery or battery system is measuring less than 22-volts, the red monitor LED will remain steady, telling you to check the battery connection.

  • Works on all kinds of 24-Volt lead acid batteries and 24-Volt battery systems
  • Perfect solution for charging and maintaining vehicles in long-term storage outdoor storage
  • Has smaller size solar panel with higher efficiency, longer life crystalline silicon cells
  • Patented Pulse Technology removes sulfates from the battery plates
  • Extends battery life
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

Model Name: 24V Solar Pulse Charge Monitor
Model Number: SPCMS
Part Number: 735X687

Input Electrical: Solar Powered

Output Electrical
Open Circuit Voltage (OCV): 28VDC
Output current 200 mA

Mechanical / Physical Characteristics
Solar Panel Size: 9”W x 11.4”L x 2.5”H
Weight: 4.75 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 5.05 lbs.
Lead on external heavy duty plug: 25’

Operating Temperature: 0º F to 130 º F (-18º C to 54º C)
Storage Temperature: 0º F to 150º F (-18º C to 66º C)

Red Flashing LED: battery is being pulsed
Green Flashing LED: battery is being charged
Green Steady LED: battery is fully charged
Red Steady LED: check connection or battery voltage has fallen below 22 volts

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