PulseTech JS Replacement Battery for HD Jump Start, 28.5V

PulseTech JS Replacement Battery for HD Jump Start, 28.5V

Xtreme Charge XC400 & XC-QL4 QuadLink Battery Maintainer Kit

Xtreme Charge XC400 & XC-QL4 QuadLink Battery Maintainer Kit

XC400 Xtreme Charge 4Amp Battery Maintainer Charger

The PulseTech™ XC400 Xtreme Charge® 12V Battery Maintainer tests, charges and desulfates all types of 12-Volt lead-acid batteries (VRLA, AGM or flooded). This smart 4 amp battery charger features our one-of-a-kind Pulse Technology to gently desulfate batteries without producing sulfation build up, as most trickle chargers do. Most battery chargers that say their “pulse” will load batteries with a higher voltage charge that breaks off sulfation in larger pieces allowing the amp hours to return to normal. However, over time this sulfation piles at the bottom of the battery eventually causing an arc of power to transfer from one plate to another shorting the cell. PulseTech is the only battery maintainer with the patented technology to break down sulfation crystals back into the solution of vehicle batteries allowing them to recover, charge deeper and last 3x longer!

Our unique Pulse Technology has been independently tested by Ohio State University and proven to recover and extend battery life of 12 volt batteries. We are now the largest battery maintenance solution for the US Military.

The XC400 battery maintenance charger features a rugged plastic protective case. It comes with an eyelet lead and clip lead. Five-Year Limited Warranty.

*The Xtreme Charge Battery Maintenance Charger XC400 replaces the XC-100.

What makes our battery charger, maintainer & desulfator better?

PulseTech’s PULSE technology - a high frequency conditioning pulse recognized to effectively charge and recover weak 12V batteries. This fuse-protected, spark-proof battery desulfator reduces naturally occurring sulfation which increases performance and makes vehicle batteries last 3-5 times longer without ever overheating or overcharging. Proprietary algorithms, combined with microprocessor-controlled technology, measure the battery's voltage and current to automatically determine the battery's state of charge (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) and deliver the precise charge rate based on the size and condition of the battery. No guess work!

  • Perfect for stored vehicles! No overheating or overcharging no matter how long the battery maintainer is connected. Max charge current of 4 amps.
  • 5-Stage charge process allows our Pulse Technology to recover most 12V batteries to optimal charge capacity extending battery life. *Not all batteries are recoverable.
  • Fuse-protected, spark-proof, and water-resistant battery charger best for ATVs, UTVs, boats and automobiles.
  • Works on 12 Volt Lead Acid Batteries - Wet cell, VRLA, EFB and AGM batteries.
  • Auto restart after power failure.
  • ETL, BC and FFC approved.
  • Recover and maintain up to 4 batteries at a time with our QuadLink 4-Channel Battery Charger Multiplier.
  • See Product Attachments Tab for additional product information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        What’s the difference between the XC100 and XC400?

A:         The new XC400 is everything you loved about the XC100 but with twice the power!

Q:        Can I leave the battery maintainer on all the time?

A:         Yes! The microprocessor allows the battery to be connected even when stored so it is ready to go when you are.

Q:        Can this charger recover all my old batteries? 

A:         No. As reference, our military customers have generally seen the following recovery rates:
             - AGM Battery less than 3 years old - 90% capacity.
             - Flooded less than 3 years old - 70% capacity.
             - AGM battery between 3 and 4 years old - 70% capacity.
             - Flooded between 3 and 4 years - 50% capacity.
             For the best performance, use on new 12V batteries to increase standard battery life by 3-5 times!

Q:        How long will the Xtreme Charge battery maintainer take to charge my battery?

A:         This battery tender is designed to recover and desulfate your 12V battery and gently charge to its optimal capacity. The actual charge time will be dependent on the age and condition of the battery. *This is not a jump starter.

Q:         Does the XC400 charge and maintain 6V batteries?

A:         The XC400 will not charge or maintain a 6V battery. However, you can use it to charge and maintain two 6v batteries in series (12V).

Q:         Does the XC400 work on lithium batteries?

A:          No.

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