SP-10-OBD-T PulseTech 12V Solar Pulse Charger/ Maintainer, 10W

SP-10-OBD-T PulseTech 12V Solar Pulse Charger/ Maintainer, 10W

SolarPulse SP-5-OBD-A 12V Temporary Solar Charger Maintainer, 5W

SolarPulse SP-5-OBD-A 12V Temporary Solar Charger Maintainer, 5W

SolarPulse SP-10-OBD-A 12V Solar Charger Maintainer, 10W

The PulseTech® SP-10-OBD-A SolarPulse® 10-Watt Temporary Solar Charger restores and maintains the normal loss of 12V lead-acid battery power on cars, small trucks and other outdoor equipment. This temporary solar charger can be installed and removed in minutes. It connects directly to the vehicles OBD2 port and the solar panel and four suction cups attach the solar panel to the vehicle's interior windshield. The solar panel replaces the power loss from electrical accessories that occurs in seldom or erratically used outdoor vehicles even when the ignition is switched off. It's also great for vehicles or equipment with lots of accessories and high parasitic loads. Pulse Technology reverses sulfate crystal buildup on the battery plates. By keeping battery plates clean, batteries recharge faster, accept a full charge & work at max power.

The SP-10-OBD-A solar panel can be used on two-four 12V batteries connected in parallel.


The SP-10-OBD-A SolarPulse Temporary Charging System for cars and small trucks provides a full 10-Watts of power in a compact, durable 12.41"L x 9.85"W x 0.2"H solar panel. It can be installed and removed in seconds by attaching the solar panel to the vehicle’s interior windshield with the four suction cups and plugging in to the OBD2 port in the vehicle – usually found under the driver’s side dashboard.

Like all SolarPulse models, the SP-10-OBD-A utilizes our unrivaled solar charging system combined with our patented optimized high frequency pulsing circuit, Pulse Technology, to ensure batteries start when needed eliminating the need for jump starts. Pulse Technology reverses the naturally occurring process of battery sulfation - the main cause of battery failure. This allows batteries to accept, store and release maximum power all the time extending battery life three times.

If you've used solar chargers before, you know it's important to choose the right solar panel for the amount of power you need and the size and place of the mounting location. In the past to get the power you need, you had to struggle with panels that are too big, too bulky and too fragile. SolarPulse's higher efficiency, higher quality crystalline silicone cells pack more power per square inch and have a longer life than standard amorphous ''thin film'' cells. That means you can get the power you need in a sturdier, smaller-sized solar panel. Instead of a breakable glass coating, SolarPulse's solar panels are protected with a clear polyurethane plastic coating that makes them virtually indestructible and impervious to weather aging and damage from bumps and knocks.

•  Works on ANY 12V lead-acid battery
•  Maintains batteries at full state of charge
•  Quick and easy temporary installation 
•  Dramatically reduces jump starts 
•  30% smaller footprint than typical panels 
•  Commercial grade solar panel is virtually indestructible 
•  Patented Pulse Technology extends battery life three times 
•  Supports sustainability programs 
•  Reverse polarity protected 
•  Five-Year Limited Warranty (excluding suction cups)

Model Name: SolarPulse SP-10-OBD-A 12V Solar Charger Maintainer, 10-Watt
Model Number: SP-10-OBD-A
Part Number: 735X360

Input Electrical
Solar Powered

Output Electrical
Output Current:  625 mA
Output Voltage, Bulk Charge:  16.5 V dc

Mechanical/Physical  Characteristics
Solar Panel Dimensions: 12.41" L x 9.85" W x 0.2" H
Circuit Box Dimensions:  3.4" L x 2.4" W x 1.5" H
Shipping Weight: 2.9lbs
Weight: 2.5lbs
Box to Lug Wire Length:  3'
Box to Panel Wire Length:  17'
Quick Disconnect Between Solar Panel & Circuit Box

Operating Temperature: 0° F to 130° F (-18° C to 54° C)
Storage Temperature: 0° F to 150° F (-18° C to 66° C)

Red LED shines steady in full sunlight

5-Year Limited Warranty (excluding suction cups) 

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