HD PC-12 RediPulse 12-Station HD 12-Volt Battery Pallet Charger

HD PC-12 RediPulse 12-Station HD 12-Volt Battery Pallet Charger

SC-2 Xtreme 2-Station HD 12V Battery Recovery Charger

SC-2 Xtreme 2-Station HD 12V Battery Recovery Charger

WC2200 PulseTech 12-Volt Pulse Charger World Version Plus

The PulseTech WC2200 Pulse Charger® World Version Plus is a necessity for any facility that encounters battery problems. It is voltage regulated and microprocessor controlled. Like four chargers in one, this state-of-the-art charging system (up to 20 amps) works off either 110- or 220-Volt AC power on all 12-Volt lead-acid batteries (flooded cell, AGM and VRLA). Cleans the battery plates from charge-robbing sulfation buildup and automatically shuts off when the battery reaches full charge. NSN: 6130-01-477-4703.

NSN 6130-01-477-4703

The Pulse Charger World Version Plus can reduce your battery-related equipment down time, maintenance time and the cost of replacing batteries you thought were beyond saving.  This state-of-the-art charging system works with 12-Volt lead-acid VRLA, AGM and flooded batteries and uses either 110- or 220-Volt AC power so it can be used anywhere in the world.  It comes in a portable, heavy duty case so you can take it wherever it’s needed.

The voltage regulated, microprocessor controlled charger will provide all the charge needed to charge a battery to the optimum level regardless of the rated amp-hour capacity or rated cold cranking amps  by constantly monitoring the battery and adjusting the charging current (up to 20Amps).  When the optimum level is reached, the charger switches to float mode so the battery cannot be overcharged.

Throughout the charging process, the Pulse Charger continuously emits a series of high frequency pulse shaped waves of DC current to reduce sulfation buildup -- the main cause of battery failure.  Sulfation buildup occurs as lead sulfates form on the battery plates during the normal charge/discharge cycles, even on new batteries.  These energy-robbing deposits can reduce the battery’s ability to accept and keep a charge until the battery dies.   Our pulse technology breaks down these deposits to improve the performance and extend the life of your batteries.

Colored LEDs indicate the battery’s state of charge at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% as well as when the charger is charging and pulsing and when the battery is bad and cannot be recharged.

    ·    Charges and maintains 12-Volt lead-acid VRLA, AGM and  flooded batteries
    ·    Desulfating pulses extend battery life
    ·    Reverse battery protection and indication
    ·    Sparkless operation
    ·    Quick disconnect at battery
    ·    Over temperature protection
    ·    Output current limit protection
    ·    Heavy duty clamp type battery cables
    ·    One-Year Warranty

Model Name:  Pulse Charger World Version
Model Number:  WC2200
Part Number:  746X725

Electrical Characteristics
Input Electrical
Input Voltage:  110 - 240 VAC
Input Current:   3 Amps @ 100 VAC
Input Frequency:  50 - 60 Hz
Minimum Battery Voltage for Charger Startup:  4 Volts
Output Electrical
Output Current:  16 Amps Maximum
Output Voltage, Bulk Charge:  14.9 Volts
Absorption to Float Charge Threshold:  Battery Voltage = 14.2V Under Charge and Charge Current < 0.75 Amps DC
Desulfating Pulse Peak Amplitude:  1 Amp
Desulfating Pulse Frequency:  22kHz to 28kHz
Pulse Rise Time:  < 1 microsecond

Mechanical / Physical Characteristics
Enclosure Dimensions:  14.2'' x 11.5'' x 6.5''
Weight:  11.1bs
Shipping Weight:  28lbs
Battery Clamps Cable Length:  6'

Operating Temperature:  0 F to 130  F (-18 C to 54 C)
Storage Temperature:  0 F to 150  F (-18  C to 66  C)

On                                Charging
Test                              Pulsing
No Connection             Bad Battery
25%                              50%
75%                              100%

Safety & Compliance

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